Most of my instruments are made by custom ordering, but sometimes you can find some of them for sale direcly from my DEALERS. On the website all prices shows the basic version of the instruments, but if you have requests for custom options , custom design, accessories etc  please contact Nordwall Instruments.

I want a 450:- euro (550 $) non-refundable deposit before I start with your instrument and the rest when the instrument is ready for delivery. Once the deposit is paid you also secure your slot in the orderqueue, and after that Im able to prepare the instrument making process for you.

Banktranfer is best way for payments, but its also possible to use paypal but then I have to add the extracosts that paypal charge (around 5 %).

It takes 3-4 months or more before your instrument is ready, depending on how many orders are ahead in the queue . The waiting time now is around 1 year.

All instruments come with a lifetime warranty to the first owner. Warranty does not cover damage caused by poor care or abuse of the instrument. This guarantee means that Nordwall Instruments will do the repair for free (trade-in against new instrument does not occur). Shipping costs and materials (like new strings) is not included.